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Scientific Name Of The Pest

Bactrocera cucurbitae

Common Name of the Pest

Melon fly

Host Crops:

Gherkin, Cucumber , Bottle gourd, Bitter gourd, Sweet gourd, Snake gourd, Ridge gourd, Pointed gourd , Sponge gourd, Pumpkins ,Mask melon, Watermelon.

Pest Identification:

  • Adult Melon fruit flies are similar in size to a housefly, about 6-8 mm long.

  • The body is light brown to a honey color in appearance.

  • There are several prominent bright yellow markings on the thorax (upper body) and a distinctive black 'T' pattern at the base of the abdomen (lower body).

  • The wings are clear with a dark coastal vein and "melon seed" shaped spot at the tip


  • Melon fly cannot be controlled by pesticide spray.

  • It prefers young, green, and tender fruits for egg laying.

  • The females lay the eggs 2 to 4 mm deep in the fruit pulp, and the maggots feed inside the developing fruits.

  • At times, the eggs are also laid in the corolla of the flower, and the maggots feed on the flowers. A few maggots have also been observed to feed on the stems.

  • The fruits attacked in early stages fail to develop properly, and drop or rot on the plant.

  • Since, the maggots damage the fruits internally, it is difficult to control this pest with insecticides.

  • One female may lay over 1000 eggs during her life.

  • Oviposition peaks occur in the morning and late afternoon. Eggs hatch in about 24 hours.

Control Measures:

  • Set up APS Easy fruit fly trap/APS Maxfill Trap with APS Mr.Melon fly pheromone Lure to monitor, attract and kill the male melon flies @5-8nos per acre

​Pheromone Lure Details

  • Dispenser         : Wooden Block containing insect attractant.

  • Material            : Soft Wood

  • Packaging         : Individually Sachet Packed

  • Sachet Material : Foil Lined Laminate

  • Field Life Of Pheromone lure : 60 days



  • Cost effective

  • Easy & Simple to install

  • Non-toxic and safe for environment

  • Does not harm beneficial insects

  • Scientific & Safe

  • Confirms organic input standards

  • Pheromones are species specific and attract only target pest

  • Can be used all season long

  • Withstands sunlight & rain

Recommended Traps:

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