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APS Water Trap


Product Description:

The trap consists of a water trough and a plastic cage for the pheromone lure, which attracts the target insect. Insects then drown when entering the water trap.

How They Work:

The male moths which are attracted by the female pheromone lure placed in the central hub of the round tub like container. The insects drowns when in flight into the water in the trap. These traps are installed in the fields at the rate of 5-7 traps per hectare for monitoring. Traps should normally be attached to stakes at crop height and placed within the crop with at least 50m between each trap. To avoid affecting the efficiency of the trapping system it is strongly recommended that traps be used only for the one species. Never use the dispensers for other insect species in these traps.

Physical Dimensions            : 32cms(dia) x 5cms(height)

Available colors                    : Blue & Green

Materials of constructions   :  U V Stabilized Plastic Polymer     

Target pests:

Leucinodes orbonalis(Brinjal shoot borer), Plutella xylostella(Diamond back moth), Tuta absoluta(Tomato leafminer).

Host Crops:

Brinjal, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Mustard, Tomato, potato

Effective life span in the field :

Multiple seasons (subject to weather conditions).

Components :

  • 1 water trap(tub type)

  • 1 lure holder

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Note: The sachets with pheromone dispensers with specific sex pheromones should be ordered separately. Extra Replacement liners can be purchased separately.

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