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APS Bucket Trap


Product Description:

APS Bucket traps are specially designed according to the flight behavior of coconut pests Red palm weevil and Rhinocerous beetle. This trap is a 5 liter polypropylene bucket with two rectangular windows below the rim of the bucket. It has a lid with a pheromone holder at the lower side to hold pheromone and kairomone dispensers. The outer surface of the bucket trap is rough with small projections to help the weevils cling to the trap and enter. The color of the bucket trap also is selected based on the maximum catch rates towards brick red color


How They Work:

Pests gets attracted by the pheromone lure placed in lure holder enter the bucket trap through the 2  windows (7.8cms(W) x2.8cms(H)) cut parallel to each other below the upper rim of the bucket . Outer surface of the trap has spiral roughness to provide grip to the attracted weevils and facilitate their entry in to the trap. Besides pheromone lure placed  to the bucket lid, the bucket trap also contains 250 to 300g coconut petiole bits, of the kairomone releasing food bait mixed in one litre of water. The palm volatiles released from the food· bait acts synergistically with pheromone lure released from the pheromone sachet to enhance weevil captures. Bucket traps should be placed under the shade of palm canopy at a height of one meter from the ground to obtain an uniform and sustained release of the chemical.


Bucket height: 183mm

Bucket mouth dia : 185mm

Bucket base dia: 165mm

Bucket lid outer dia: 192mm

Bucket lid inner dia: 183mm

Approx weight: 240grms

Color:  Brick red

No of windows: 2 rectangular

Control Measures:
APS Bucket traps @ 1/2 trap per ha with adequate servicing of food bait is recommended on a community based approach.

Precautions to be followed while using the APS Bucket trap

  • Try to place the traps in borders so as to attract them away from palms.

  • Never tie the bucket traps to palm trunks

  • If the traps are placed near young palms the palms are to be treated with insecticides as prophylactic measure.

  • The bucket is to serviced once a week. The water level should be maintained in the bucket.

  • If the trap catch is nil then the lures can be taken back and then use when necessary.

Target pests:

 Oryctes rhinoceros(rhinoceros beetle) ; Rhynchophorus ferrugineus ( red palm weevil)

Host Crops:

Coconut palm, Oil palm ,Date palm, Arecanut palm.

Effective life span in the field :

Multiple seasons (subject to weather conditions).

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Note: The sachets with pheromone dispensers with specific sex pheromones should be ordered separately. 

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