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Scientific Name Of The Pest

Common Name Of The Pest

Cotton bollworm

Host Crops:

Cotton, Chilli, Maize, Soybean,Tomato, Bengal gram, Red gram, , Green gram, Okra, Rose, Cow pea, Sunflower, Sorghum, Chrysanthemum, Groundnut


Pest Identification:

  • It is stoutly built, large brown or yellowish brown moth, about 20 mm long and dark specks that make V- shaped marks on the forewings and a conspicuous black spot in the centre.

  • The hind wings are light and dull-coloured with black border.

  • The larva measures 35-45 mm long and is greenish with dark broken grey lines along the sides of the body.


  • The young larvae on hatching feed on foliage for some times and later bore into the reproductive parts of hosts (flowers and fruits) with their bodies hanging outside.

  • Feeding damage results in holes bored into reproductive structures and feeding with the flower.

Control Measures:

APS Funnel trap with APS HEL-E Lure at 5-8nos per acre for monitoring.

​Pheromone Lure Details

  • Dispenser : Septa

  • Material : Silicon Rubber

  • Packaging : Individually Sachet Packed

  • Sachet Material : Foil Lined Laminate

  • Field Life Of Pheromone lure : 45 days




  • Cost effective

  • Easy & Simple to install

  • Non-toxic and safe for environment

  • Does not harm beneficial insects

  • Scientific & Safe

  • Confirms organic input standards

  • Pheromones are species specific and attract only target pest

  • Can be used all season long

  • Withstands sunlight & rain

Recommended Traps:

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