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APS Solar Trap

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Product Description:

Solar LED Light trap is a renewable energy based electro mechanical device that helps the farmer to reduce the usage of pesticide spray by capturing economically impacting adult insect and pest towards very special spectrum of light. It works based on electronically programmable controller to segregate beneficial and non beneficial Insects sociological behavior.Product is Modular in design and easy to install and maintain at the farm.

How They Work:

In Solar Trap the Solar cells are an efficient way to harness the energy of sun, they convert the energy of the sun into electricity, when the sunlight irradiates the surface of solar panels, parts of the photon are absorbed by silicon and convert into electrical energy. Then the battery stores the power generated from the sunlight and discharge the power through the controller to the lamps. Then insects get collected in the pest basin, which is filled with water. Once the pest Basin is filled with pest it needs to be cleaned. A Motor is used to tilt the pest basin downwards. The water along with trapped pest will drop down by leaving empty basin. After this pest basin is tilted upwards to its original position. The pump is used to refill the water to pest basin by drawing the water from the water storage tank.


Operating voltage            :   6V DC

Solar PV cell                      :  3W/9VMP

Lithium ion battery
specification                      :   7.4v, 2600mAh lithium-ion with BMS (cylinder type)

Available colors                 :   Yellow

Materials of construction  :   U V Stabilized Plastic Polymer

NOTE : 6 Months Warranty on Solar Panel, UV LED Lights & Battery

Target pests:

All agricultural pests which get attracted towards light. Controls Flying Insects, Nymph’s and Adults of Leaf folder, Stem borer moths, Fruit borers moths, Hoppers, Aphids, White Flies, Fruit Weevil and different crop, Beetles Etc.

Host Crops:

Agriculture, Floriculture, Horticulture.

Effective life span in the field :

Multiple seasons (subject to weather conditions).

Components :

  • 1 Solar panel

  • 1 insect trap system

  • 1 insect collection tub

  • 1 cotter pin

  • 1 stand key

  • 1 height adjustable stand pipes

  • 1 Interlinking mild steel strip

  • 1 fisher

  • 1 foot rest

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