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APS Delta Trap


Product Description:

Delta trap (Pheromone trap) comes with a replaceable sticky insert (one side) and is used in combination with Attract pheromone dispensers.Delta traps are die cut plastic sheet/flute board which consists of a sticky insert that is coated with a special adhesive on one side. The sheet when folded forms a triangle-shaped "house" of long-lasting, water resistant material. In the middle of the ridge of the roof a hanger is attached to hang up the trap. Located under the roof and above the sticky insert, there is the pheromone lure.
1 Package contains:

  • 1 Delta trap

  • 1 sticky insert

  • 1 hanger

How They Work:

The males, attracted by the female pheromone in the lure, enter the Delta trap and get stuck on the sticky insert. By counting, the pest density and distribution can be determined. When a certain threshold is reached, control measures are to be taken. Each moth species has a specific pheromone. The life span of a pheromone lure depends on the moth species and the climate.

Physical Dimensions            :  570 mm (L) x 235 mm (W)  x120 mm (H)

Physical Dimensions            :  200 mm (L) x 190 mm (W) of sticky liner  

Available colors                    :  Yellow and White.

Materials of constructions   :  U V Stabilized Plastic Polymer

Target pests:

Leucinodes orbonalis(Brinjal shoot borer), Plutella xylostella(Diamond back moth), Tuta absoluta(Tomato leafminer).

Host Crops:

Bengal gram, Cabbage, Chilli, Chrysanthemum, Cotton,Cow pea, Green gram, Groundnut, Lab Lab(Indian bean), Maize, Okra,Onion, Red gram, Rice, Rose, Sorghum, Soybean, Sunflower, Tea Gardens, Tomato, Tube rose.

Effective life span in the field :

Multiple seasons (subject to weather conditions).

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Note: The sachets with pheromone dispensers with specific sex pheromones should be ordered separately. Extra Replacement liners can be purchased separately. They are of size 20 cms x 19 cms and are coated with a special adhesive.

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