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APS Funnel Trap


Product Description:

The funnel trap, as the name implies, is designed so that insects attracted by the pheromone lure placed at the base of the canopy fall into a funnel shaped catchment area down into a holding polythene bag. The shape of the funnel prevents the insects from escaping holding them until the trap is inspected.

How They Work:

The male moths which are attracted by the female pheromone lure placed at the base of canopy enter the trap and fall into the polythene bag and get killed. The shape of the funnel prevents the insects from escaping holding them until the trap is inspected. These traps are installed in the fields at the rate of 5-7 traps per hectare for monitoring. Traps should normally be attached to stakes at crop height and placed within the crop with at least 50m between each trap. To avoid affecting the efficiency of the trapping system it is strongly recommended that traps be used only for the one species. Never use the dispensers for other insect species in these traps

Physical Dimensions of trap  :  Funnel trap has three components

Canopy                                    : 136mm Dia x 2mm thickness

Funnel trap base

  • 105mm (Dia of the mouth) x 70mm (Height of the funnel) x 30mm (Dia of the bottom hole) and

  • T shaped handle to hang up the trap.

  • Three Stalks for fixing canopy to the trap base

Collection Device                     :  Polythene bag of 175mm (Width) X 555mm (Height)

Available colors                         :  Green & Yellow

Materials of construction          :  U V Stabilized Plastic Polymer

Target pests:

Helicoverpa armigera(Cotton bollwarm), Pectinophora gossypiella(pink bollworm), Scirphaga incertulas(Yellow Stem Borer), Spodoptera frugiperda(Fall Armyworm), Spodoptrea litura(Cut worm).

Host Crops:

Bengal gram, Cabbage, Chilli, Chrysanthemum, Cotton, Cow pea, Green gram, Groundnut, Maize, Okra, Red gram, Rice, Sorghum, Soybean, Sunflower, Tomato, Cotton, Pigeon pea, Chickpea, Sorghum, Peas, Tobacco, Potatoes & Maize.

Effective life span in the field :

Multiple seasons (subject to weather conditions).

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Note: The sachets with pheromone dispensers with specific sex pheromones should be ordered separately.

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