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Rhynchophorus ferrugineus

Scientific Name Of The Pest

Common Name Of The Pest

Red palm weevil

Host Crops:

Coconut,Date palm

Pest Identification:

  • Adult weevils are reddish brown, about 35 mm long and 10 mm wide and are characterized by a long curved rostrum (snout).

  • Dark spots are visible on the upper side of the middle part of the body.

  • The head and rostrum comprise about one-third of the total length.

  • In the male, the dorsal apical half of the snout is covered by a patch of short brownish hairs, the snout is bare in the female, more slender, curved and a little longer than the male.


  • Infestation is more predominant on younger coconut plantations below 15 years.

  • Broadly infestation by RPW is by two types 1)Through the crown 2)Through different parts of the stem including leaf axils and boles

  • Injuries / cuts on leaf axils, stem and bole regions invite the pest for egg laying as the exuding sap attract the weevil for oviposition.

  • Presence of small holes on the stem, longitudinal splitting of petiole oozing of brown fluid from the holes of the stem and extrusion of chewed up fibers through the holes and the toppling of the crown.

  • 5-10% of the palms are lost annually due to the pest attack in different parts of the country.

Control Measures:

  • APS nanomatrix technology to monitor and control of RPW is very effective over existing commercial lures as it has extended field efficacy with a lower load of pheromone.

  • This technology is developed jointly by Indian Council of Agricultural Research and Jawaharlal Nehru Centre of Advanced Scientific Research .

  • Trapping of Red palm weevil using APS RPW-Lure(aggregation pheromone lures) in food baited (such as dates or sugarcane)APS Bucket trap forms an important component of management strategy.

  • APS Bucket trap with APS RPW-Lure @ 1-2nos per hectar

  • Use APS RPW Magnet with APS RHYNCO-LURE for More Catches


​Pheromone Lure Details

  • Dispenser : Wooden Block/Vial

  • Material : Wooden block/centrifuge tube

  • Packaging : Individually Sachet Packed

  • Sachet Material : Foil Lined Laminate

  • Field Life Of Pheromone lure :120 days

LURE WB].png


  • Cost effective

  • Easy & Simple to install

  • Non-toxic and safe for environment

  • Does not harm beneficial insects

  • Scientific & Safe

  • Confirms organic input standards

  • Pheromones are species specific and attract only target pest

  • Can be used all season long

  • Withstands sunlight & rain

Recommended Traps:

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