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Bactrocera Zonata

Scientific Name Of The Pest

Common Name Of The Pest

Peach fruit fly

Host Crops:

Peach,Guava, Mango


Pest Identification:

  • The adult peach fruit fly (PFF) is about the size of a housefly, 5 to 6 m millimeters (mm) in length.

  • It is reddish-brown, with yellow patches on the top and sides of the thorax, two black spots on the face, a faint dark T-shaped mark on the abdomen, and transparent wings with a small brown spot at the tip.

  • The female has a pointed slender ovipositor to deposit eggs under the skin of host fruit.


  • B. zonata is polyphagous.

Control Measures:

  • Methyl eugenol is used to lure males and it is very effective in monitoring these fruit flies. It attracts flies over a range of up to 1 km.

  • The lure is placed in the trap along with malathion/DDVP soaked in small cotton wicks they are suspended in the middle of the trap to release the scent slowly in the atmosphere to attract and trap the fruit flies.

APS Mr.Fruit fly Pheromone Lure Details

  • Set up APS Easy fruit fly trap/APS Maxfill Trap with APS Mr.Fruit fly Lure to monitor, attract and kill the male fruit flies @ 5-8nos per acre.

​Pheromone Lure Details

  • Dispenser : Wooden Block containing insect attractant.

  • Material : Soft Wood

  • Packaging : Individually Sachet Packed

  • Sachet Material :Foil Lined Laminate

  • Field Life Of Pheromone lure : 60 days

Recommended Traps:

Picture22 (1).png


  • Cost effective

  • Easy & Simple to install

  • Non-toxic and safe for environment

  • Does not harm beneficial insects

  • Scientific & Safe

  • Confirms organic input standards

  • Pheromones are species specific and attract only target pest

  • Can be used all season long

  • Withstands sunlight & rain

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