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Scientific Name Of The Pest

Spodoptera litura

Common Name Of The Pest

Tobacco caterpillar

Host Crops:

Cabbage, Chilli, Maize, Corn, Cotton, Grapes, Tobbaco, Tomato, Beans, Cauliflower, Red gram, Black gram, Green gram, Pea, Groundnut, Caster, Sunflower, Onion, Sorghum, Soybean.


Pest Identification:

  • Adult moth is stout with wavy white markings on the brown forewings and white hind wings with a brown patch along its margin.

  • Eggs are laid in groups usually on ventral side of the tender leaves and covered with brown hair. The egg period is 4-5 days.

  • Larva is stout, cylindrical, pale brownish with dark markings.

  • The body may have row of dark spots or transverse and longitudinal grey and yellow bands.

  • When fully grown, measures about 35-40 mm in length.



  • On most crops, damage arises from extensive feeding by larvae, leading to complete stripping of the plants.

  • Freshly hatched caterpillars feed gregariously, scrapping the leaves from ventral surface .

  • Greenish caterpillars feed on the leaves voraciously and present an appearance to the field as if grazed by cattle.

  • Since this pest is nocturnal in habit it hides under the plants, cracks and crevices of soil and debris during the day time.

  • Feacal pellets are seen on the leaves and on the ground which is the indicator of the pest incidence.

  • Cut worms usually emerge in the spring, and start feeding when temparatures rise. They develop into adults(months) in 20-40 days.

    Control Measures:


  • APS Funnel trap with APS SPODO-L Lure at 5-8/acre for monitoring.

  • ​Pheromone Lure Details

  • Dispenser   : Septa

  • Material      : Silicon Rubber

  • Packaging  : Individually Sachet Packed

  • Sachet        : Material Foil Lined Laminate

  • Field Life Of Pheromone lure   : 45 days

SPODO 1.png


  • Cost effective

  • Easy & Simple to install

  • Non-toxic and safe for environment

  • Does not harm beneficial insects

  • Scientific & Safe

  • Confirms organic input standards

  • Pheromones are species specific and attract only target pest

  • Can be used all season long

  • Withstands sunlight & rain

Recommended Traps:

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