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Pheromone Trap- Effective Tools To Monitor and Control Of Insect Pests

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Pheromone trap: Due to chemical resistance and a lack of knowledge regarding which pesticides should be used for certain pests, insect pest control has recently become a severe problem for farmers. Despite the fact that employing chemicals might have permanent consequences on living things, When using agricultural and natural approaches to monitor and control pests, pheromone traps are essential. Pheromone traps are excellent tools to use in sustainable agriculture and integrated pest management. Pheromones are substances that insects produce to communicate with other members of their hive. These chemical signals are sent by insects in order to find food, find mates, or warn other insects of nearby predators. Monitoring and controlling certain pests in agriculture requires the use of a specific pheromone lure.

There are various applications for pheromone traps:

Pest detection and monitoring: Use pheromone traps to identify the specific insect and rely on it to exert additional control using other techniques.

Mass trapping and disruption: Pheromone traps are used to control pests by continuously mass trapping them (typically male insects) and lowering the population, which prevents them from reproducing and multiplying. Pheromone trap usage recommendations:

Every pheromone lure is synthesized as per species specific

Compared to traditional insecticides, pheromones might be less dangerous.

To increase the success of catching fresh insects, lures must frequently be replaced.

Keep them away from busy areas where there are people or gardens.

Weather-related events can have an impact on traps; after storms, examine them to see if they require replacement or repair.

Keep dogs and children away from traps.

After employing pheromones, wash your hands to avoid attracting bugs who might follow you if you smell like one of them.

Use outdoor items outdoors only, and always use products as directed on the label.

Different types of traps: No single trap works for all pests

1.Maxfill fruit fly trap 2.Easy fruit fly trap 3.Sticky sheet trap 4.Delta trap 5.Funnel trap 6.Roller sticky trap 7.Water trap 8.Solar trap

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