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Control Measures:


  • APS nanomatrix technology to monitor and control of RPW is very effective over existing commercial lures as it has extended field efficacy with a lower load of pheromone.
  • This technology is developed jointly by Indian Council of Agricultural Research and Jawaharlal Nehru Centre of Advanced Scientific Research .
  • Trapping of Red palm weevil using APS RPW-Lure(aggregation pheromone lures) in food baited (such as dates or sugarcane)APS bucket trap forms an important component of management strategy.
  • APS Bucket trap with APS RPW-Lure @ 1 per ha .
  • Use RPW Magnet with RPW Pheromone Lure for More Catches
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Rhinoceros Ferrugineus

  • Including Tax & Transportation Charges

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